Monsoon it's you again

Monsoon it's you again
It's been a while since I visited the farm. Monsoon made it even more difficult. However, the farm makes everything pleasant. We were welcomed by a lovely parrot 🦜 chilling at the Neem tree.

At the moment we have about 10+ vegetables, 2 types of ground nuts, Native Toor and 2 types of native sesame growing in different stages.

I was pleasantly surprised to see several Baya Birds, Sparrows, Kadaknath, Cows, Worms, Bees and insects thriving and contributing to making this land better and livable.

Monsoon this year was exceptional. It rained cats and dogs and it didn't stop for days. This obviously hampers crop lifecycle and makes us ponder again in our thoughts that global warming is so evident, and we are experiencing it almost every day. And yet we continue to make it worse.

As organic farmers, we further need to be more responsible in our acts. Tilling and chemical usage by conventional farmers have made it to the top three contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

It's time for the organic farming community to take another important step towards making this world a better place. The earth belongs to everyone every cell, every worm, every being that ever lived and every being that will ever be.