Demystifying Organic Farming - Pseudo Organic Farmers

Demystifying Organic Farming - Pseudo Organic Farmers

Over all these years working on the farm, figuring out forward and #backward integration models have taught me a lot of lessons. I guess it made me a more grounded and humble being. I developed a more respectful approach towards all beings be it #worms, #bees, #trees, #microbes good bad ugly everything. Everything has so much intelligence developed in them. If I can’t see it it does not mean that it's not there it simply means that I lack the power to comprehend it.

When this happens life is all about #living. Everything lives and thrives around you. Then you could never ever think of disruption. Why do we have to #disrupt when there’s so much available to #create and improve? Intelligence is tested when the #universe offers you all the possibilities there are. Life becomes an outcome of what #choices we make.

My journey of forward integration of #organic farming taught me that the entire #valuechain is about trust. My corporate thinking brain was not convinced. Trust, oops that’s a weak word. But then if you carefully see things that are the basis of everything around us. We seem to #trust and distrust at the same time.

Farming is not easy. Organic farming #naturalfarming, #regenerativeagriculture, #biodynamic farming #cow -based farming, or let's just say #ProNature farming is way too demanding. When it's common to see educated city people choose to get corrupt so easily for a handful of benefits what can you make out of those who are already stretched on all ends? 

Imagine a crop in an organic field, months of hard work, toil, money, and #opportunities standing ripe in the open field is attacked by #pests. You have two options 

A. You keep on treading the difficult path of #chemicalfree means 

B. Just a couple of sprays will protect your crop and fetch you good money calling it organic.

I see that there is no dearth of real pro-nature farmers in the world but at the same time, there is no shortage of those who decide to cheat and mislead. These are those pseudo-organic farmers or agripreneurs who know how to twine the crowd with the babel of the work people admire but don’t know much about. They are found more on the displays and less on the field. These are those who spread misinformation and cripple the positive movement. 

There was a time when I was surprised and moved and also livid to a certain extent to see someone chooses to cheat.

#greed to get rich, greed to produce more per acre, greed to be known as a #publicfigure , greed to influence people, and #policies .

#Pseudo-pro nature farmers and agripreneurs will always be greed driven. Human greed has made things troublesome in this world today. All this, and more has made things more complex than simple for a common consumer. 

Someone who has the right to consume pure food #consumes it for the very need to consume it. It is someone who has crossed all the barriers to appreciate the value of pure food. It is someone willing to shell out a substantial part of its earnings believing in you. It is someone who sweats day and night to ensure their family gets the best there is.  But then there are those #pseudohumans who wipe out all the efforts of these people to get pocket a few extra coins.

For me pseudo humans/farmers/beings are terribly challenged with respect to intelligence is concerned. These people are those who failed to create something, they instead hog on something someone else has created with years of #determination and #patience

The crux is on how one differentiates between real and pseudo-organic farmers. It's a tough one. However, it's something that we all understand and have been learning subconsciously since birth. Someone who is a committed authentic organic farmer will always be different from most. His reasons, his nature, his knowledge, and his understanding of all will always be positive. 

For an end consumer, it's a matter of investing some time with its food source. When you do that you will be in the best shape and will not be duped ever. This investment will convert to a healthy and strong family. So here are a few points one should consider

  1. Reasons for the person coming to this segment!
  2. Is it a direct farmer?
  3. Does he practice chemical-based farming as well?
  4. A knowledge base of #biodiversity and attitude towards all beings
  5. #Farmvisits- Is it a clean farm, does it have castles, do you see insects, birds, etc, are there enough trees, how many types of crops are there, etc
  6. His #businessmodels and views 

I have seen some individuals who have been claiming to be a lot but absent on the ground level. Such individuals exploiting consumers is something that affects me. 

This tells me that a big problem needs to be solved. 

This tells me that there are #miles to go before I #sleep.


P.S. For any kind of guidance in this regard you can reach out to me by sending a direct message.


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