Mission & Vision

Given the education, and information technology we all have today makes us think, is the development we witness today, is it in real terms? Development that damages the lives of others cannot be developed in real terms. Someone's smile should not be at the cost of someone's tears. We think humans today are reasonably equipped to work out models of development that support all beings together.

Integrated Organic Farming is one such modal that brings in a positive value for all the stakeholders in the chain.

All beings below the land contribute to bringing back life to the soil. The absence of synthetic chemicals helps them to thrive. All plants, trees, and crops being cultivated on the land with a regenerative farming focus lead to sequestering carbon from the environment and deposit back to the land where it belongs.

This process is an outcome of photosynthesis that helps plants to live at the same time it reverses the impact of global warming. Something which is damaging the very balance that this earth has achieved over billions of years. These practices also lead to nutritious healthy produce for all the beings who consume it.

All beings birds bees mammals reptiles inside the ocean and above it are impacted by human activities. Excessive use of chemicals in farming has polluted groundwater, ponds, rivers, and oceans. At times contributed to the extinction or near extension of many living beings.

Practicing pro-nature farming is one such activity that will lead to making the lives of all beings coexist together in harmony. Jaivik Jeevan is committed to creating more of such thriving lands and helping more and more farmers to join hands in adopting pro-nature methods of agriculture thus leading to truly inclusive development.