A day spent in a Farm empowers our mind and body with clarity and oxygen. Every soil has a story. Every root has a tale. Hear the wind, smell the purity of nature and let your eyes feast on nature's colours.

Advance bookings for the lovely winter started. Talk to us and we will reserve your vacation with nature.

Farm Tourism - Experience your roots

What is it?

As a leisure activity, visiting a farm allows you to assist in farming while staying in an agricultural environment. Such tourism involves staying with the farmer, experiencing farming activities, and enjoying authentic farm fresh food.

One can stay in a farmhouse or a tent that will provide meals, and organize activities that involve observing and participating in farming operations.

What you can explore here?

  • Participate in organic farm work and witness cycles of sustainability
  • Just lay on a hammock and get that Vitamin D seep into your skin
  • Experience village life closely
  • Pluck your veggies and maybe cook it on the chulha
  • Introduce farming to your kids and get them close to the roots and experience the soil
  • Fishing, Birdwatching, Cycling, Trekking to the untouched ASI stupas site
  • Experience the stars right through the farm camp
  • Campfire and sleep inside a farm tent
  • Customizable -Fitness retreat /City Detox by Certified Nutritionist and Fitness Coach
    • Two-day one-night camping.
    • Fitness & Nutrition in your daily life.
    • Basic functional farm fitness session.
    • Mindful eating.
    • Revisiting the basics of fitness and food.
    • Fitness goal setting as per one's professional and personal fitness requirements.

Why you should explore?

"when was the last time you got close to the soil?"

More than often we talk about going back to the basics from the rigmarole of life. With the ever-growing pressures of life and the complexities of work, we have almost forgotten how to take rest. Even during those fancy hotel stays that Instagram drives we miss spending a few moments with ourselves

So this weekend plan your trip to KVIOF where we will help you to spend your time with the soil and reflect on your fastpaced life. Experience how a cow lives for the moment, how birds fly in the open sky, how weeds grow without any help and how bees hum around the flowers.

Possibilities are many, it's you who will decide what to do and not to do or just do nothing at all and spend the whole time with yourself and your pals.

Variation 1:

Stay - Tented accommodation on the farm.

Charges - Rs.2,500/person/day (including organic veg breakfast, lunch, & dinner)

Variation 2:

Fitness Retreat - Spend your time with certified fitness nutritionist and trainer.

Understand functional fitness with natural perspective Draw down your individually focused fitness goals and regime .Get back to basics and fitness in daily life. Get your queries answered

Stay - Tented accommodation on the farm.

Charges - Rs.5,000/person/day (including organic veg breakfast, lunch, & dinner).

How To Reach Us

  • Reach via Bus, Train, or Drive down to the farm
  • Customize your visit by reaching out to us on WhatsApp +91 91797-15683

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