We are the first generation of a farming couple who knew nothing about growing anything, not even grass. We got here for the pure passion of making things sustainable in our lives and for others. When we say others it's not just our neighbours, relatives, siblings, parents, etc. The idea is of the true inclusiveness of beings. Every being birds, bees, worms, reptiles, mammals, vertebrates everyone. It took us some time to realize what we like doing. It was a eureka moment.One day we were just crossing the golf course road in Gurgaon from one end to the other via the metro bridge. It was drizzling. Probably a bit more than drizzling in the evening.

The evening is not a good time for Indra Dev to do his thing in Gurgaon. We saw that both sides of the highway were choked with about 6-8 lanes of cars and the traffic was not moving at all. Looking over the land from the top just blew up our minds. The reality was clear, we were not moving anywhere. The feeling was so surreal. We felt we are moving mountains but in reality, we were just running for the cheese cube and not moving at all. There was no stop to this chase ever. Moving mountains didn’t make sense to us anymore cherishing them does.

I guess it takes a moment to decide the path of your life. We were fortunate to be able to see that path and we took the turn. Sitting in a beamer was not something that gave us happiness the way we felt connected sitting at Hampta valley.

Our dots connected and we found our delta in Organic farming. We researched extensively on it and its connection with health and the environment. We divided our responsibilities. Susmita up-skilled herself by getting trained in fitness, CrossFit, and nutrition and I went ahead to learn how to grow food with nature and not go against it.

The journey, now I realize started long back during my early childhood days. I reckon Ifelt deeply connected with animals, soil, hills, rain, trees birds, and everything that defines nature. I guess I kept on taking not-so-apt turns and got myself enrolled into my third love of life i.e. finance. I graduated from Leeds University Business School. Worked day and night crunching numbers working out strategies from Insurance to MedTech firms until we crossed the Gurgaon golf course road metro bridge.

Sumita has in-depth exposure to working on the ground to building national-level public health strategies. Today she not only manages Jaivik Jeevan she also runs an individual-focused e-fitness studio for selected clientele with a 100 per cent success rate in adding life to clients' ages.

Inclusive Living Environment -Integrated Organic Farms by Jaivik JeevanWe have created a thriving living certified organic farm from a barren dead land about 15 km from the famous Sanchi stupas. The farm is an integrated organic/ pro-nature / natural farm. The farm operates in small sustainable cycles. On one end our native adopted cows help us create food for the soil organisms like earthworks and all other microorganisms responsible for making food for all the plants and trees. Most of the seeds we use are native and curated and preserved over time. Post-harvesting crop residue is taken to the cows as their nutrition-rich, chemical-free food. These natural cycles are simple and complex at the same time. Several sustainable cycles are running seamlessly over the ages. These cycles are completely inclusive and do not harm anyone whatsoever and create an all Inclusive Living Environment."