Being part of the solution

There's no dearth of inspiration. If you have the eye to observe nature is full of unending inspiration for all of us.

We named our farm Kalp Vriksha Integrated Organic Farm. Kalp Vriksha is a tree that brings your wishes to life. When we commenced farming there were barely any trees present except, a not-so-big neem tree. My journey in farming commenced in the summer of 2018.

Summers are particularly harsh around here with the temperature soaring as high as 45-48 degrees. In such conditions only respite is shade from a tree. All workers everyone use to take shelter under this neem tree. A tree that was willing to provide you with what you need.

I was curious about how old the tree were and why there are only a few trees around. The answer was most villagers sold their trees to carpenters for a few bucks and others don’t let them grow on their land as they think trees will consume a large area where they can grow grains. The neem tree under which we sat down was cut three times for a cultivator log called dudiya needed for land preparation.

I felt a loss of words. A tree that got cut thrice did not give up on life and continues to give all of us shade. In my view, all trees are wishing trees ‘Kalp Vriksha’. This inspiration has helped us to live through the tough times when we could have given up on this dream of making this world a better place for all beings.

After all, the planet belongs to all, all beings not just humans.