Native Organic Groundnuts from our farm Kalp Vriksha Integrated Organic Farm

Native Organic Groundnuts from our farm Kalp Vriksha Integrated Organic Farm

#Native organic groundnuts are hard to come by these days. Why? Well, the answer to this is visible in this clip from our farm.

Weeds, and weeds are just too many, all around. In conventional agriculture, they just spray the weedicide and get rid of them along with chemical fertilisers the production in kgs is better. In contrast to this in Organic farming or natural farming, weeds are removed manually and are fed to our adopted cows at the farm.

Manual work is slower, leading to lesser production in kgs. Kgs however is a weak way of evaluating farm produce. The way I see it, the primary purpose of consuming food is nutrition, the body needs to sustain and live and nutrition per acre is much better in organic/natural farming.

This is the level of transparency we intend to introduce where consumer not just eats the food he buys he should know how the food was produced and how beneficial or #carbon negative the crop would have been.

In this particular case heirloom groundnut seeds were used to sow on our certified organic (NPOP) land. Absolutely zero synthetic chemicals were used to grow this crop. We used sufficient amount of vermi-compost and compost prepared on the farm. Crop suffered extreme rains this year. It was the worst one in last 30 years. But the crop still survived and reviving with all the vigour and strength native seeds have developed over several decades.

Weeds have been a challenge that pulls back the production in Kgs.Our farm team have been working incessantly to cut 'harvest' the weeds and feed it to our adopted cows. A cycle of #regeneration and #replenishment.

One who fertilised the land with its output is rewarded with a plenty of fresh green feed. When the Groundnuts will be harvested its waste will become an excellent cow feed plus land enriching material. And all this while during the crop development Groundnuts have been #fertilising the #soil by #nitrogen fixation as it's a #leguminous crop.

We also utilise the groundnuts shell to keep our #GI tagged #Free #Range #Kadaknath #Eggs safe while shipments. 

Eventually farm is integrated with #Cold-Pressed oil machine aka #lakadi #ghani. Complete chain of value addition from seeds to home is being delivered by Jaivik Jeevan ensuring you the get the best  nature has to offer.

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