How do we transform our farm into an organic living farm?

How do we transform our farm into an organic living farm?
When we commenced working on this land it was a tough very tough choice. My family was sceptical about how we will achieve this ardent task. No one in the immediate family had farming experience. Still, we went ahead, guess it was destiny's calling.

Our land was very hard, pretty much close to a stone and there was no tree except one Neem tree we called Kalp Vriksha as it protected us from the harsh sun in the summers. Only one tree.
This tree was cut at least 3 times to serve as a log for farming purposes. But it withstood all the tough times giving us shade with no qualms.

4.5 years to this lovely land ….

We have living porous soil, with millions of earthworms, micro-organisms, bees and 50+ recorded bird varieties. We planted some trees and some came up on their own.

Trees are the source of life. With the unimaginable amount of GHG emissions by human activities and all the pseudo work done under thick drapes of development, these trees are still committed to life. Every green stuff on the land sequester 40% of carbon down to earth. Reversing global warming every second.

Organic farming or natural farming whatever one calls I call it ‘Pro-Nature Farming’ has proved that give life a change and it will thrive.

Give this Earth a chance and it will give you 1000+ X return.