Our eureka moment

Our eureka moment
One day we were just crossing the golf course road in Gurgaon from one end to the other via the metro bridge. It was drizzling. Probably a bit more than drizzling in the evening.
The evening is not a good time for Indra Dev to do his thing in gurgaon. We saw that both sides of the highway were choked with about 6-8 lanes of cars and the #traffic was not moving at all.

Looking over the land from the top just blew up our minds. The reality was clear, we were not going anywhere. The feeling was so surreal.

We felt we are moving mountains but in reality, we were just running for the cheese cube and not moving at all.
There was no stop to this chase ever.

Moving mountains didn’t make sense to us anymore cherishing them does.

I guess it takes a moment to decide the path of your life. We were fortunate to be able to see that path and we took the turn. 

Sitting in a beamer was not something that gave us happiness the way we felt connected sitting at Hampta valley.

Our dots connected and we found our delta in organic farming and fitness .

We feel blessed we are able to find our thing, we are able to bring that smile, and we are able to make things sustainable and profitable at the same time.