Sushmita Roy

From being a criminology student to a public health professional to now I am a dedicated female farmer at Jaivik Jeevan, Bhopal, and avid fitness coach. Transiting from a high-paying, cushy, and well-recognized professional career to a tough farming and a physically challenging fitness trainer was conscious and well thought through.

After living in metros for 15 years and becoming a part of the problem, it was absolutely important to understand the pressing issues and what was the cause of stress.

Founding Jaivik Jeevan was a critical decision to get back to our roots and work on a sustainable world. The intention was to make sure that with each step that we take we take an inch forward to a sustainable world that we can pass on to our kids.

Farming took us beyond our egos, appraisals, promotions, and now farm workers' colleagues and lunch moved from board rooms to under the neem tree at 40 degrees Celsius.

Gear Up my fitness studio also came out again from the problem that we faced in bigger cities. There was a need to address health concerns from the comfort of home. Online in-person sessions and nutrition counselling were scheduled and it paid results. 100% of clients who enrolled at gear up from different cities and also different countries showed positive results.

The education that I got at St. Xavier’s and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, gave me wings and gave me the courage to take a road less travelled and not look back. There is nothing to fall back now, but there is a world full of opportunities to fall forward.

Sudhanshu Sharma

I am an entrepreneur and an organic farmer. I founded Jaivik Jeevan in the year 2020 with a focus on making available authentic organic pro-nature produce directly from the farms to the connoisseurs of nature and food.

I studied finance at Leeds University Business School and joined the ICICI Lombard group health insurance underwriting team. Developed web-based solutions for clients and established value-added services for the company.

Later I worked as a treasurer of engineering-focused education, a not-for-profit society. I managed a multi-million rupees budget, strategies cost-effective methods of managing finances, improving cash flows, and established processes of reporting, taxation etc. My timely decisions and well-laid-out strategies saved millions for the organisation.

Thereafter I took up the challenge to establish business models for a revolutionary POCT medical device at a MedTech startup. Worked out scalable and profitable business models for the device with a social entrepreneurship focus for the interior remote locations of the country.

With an innate ever-growing desire to work out scalable, nature-positive profitable models built around nature I founded Kalp Vriksha Integrated Organic Farm and forward integrated and founded Jaivik Jeevan. With over 4 years of on-the-ground experience in organic farming and 2 years of successful organic food retailing, I have developed in-depth expertise in building a pro-nature scalable and profitable business. I have established a network of organic farmers and processes to establish authentic organic food traceability and regular organic food clientele.

I aspire to continue to work on profitable sustainable organic farming and rural economy model with an established front-end demand and help move 5000+ marginal conventional farmers back to regenerative and profitable methods of agriculture and pure food.